Bridging worlds…


Born in France with Vietnamese and Chinese origins Dao Nguyen has had from the youngest age broad exposure to intercultural knowledge and developed the ability to bridge between worlds…

She has gained more than 15 years experience in international marketing development and strategy with major brands in the fragrance, luxury and cosmetics industry, always keeping a strong and continuous focus on Asian markets


Passionate about smell &taste she is the founder of Essenzia, creative stragegy agency in 2012. She  collaborates regularly with native contributors based all over Asia to help brands identify business opportunities and translate them into significant growth.

Capitalizing on an in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in Asia she is especially dedicated to investigate #TheTasteOfChina.



ESSEC Graduate

MIT x 15.071 Analytics Edge


French, English, Vietnamese : fluent

Mandarin : HSK 4

German and Italian : basics


More than 15 years experience

• Major brands : L’Oréal Group, Clarins, Bulgari, Nespresso…

• Expertise : skin-care, fragrance, make-up, fine food, beverages

• Multi-channel : luxury, FMCG, Travel Retail