left & right brains

ESSEC Graduate

MIT (data analytics),

LOUVAIN  (anthropology)

 6 languages

Multiply the intercultural  perspectives

Fluent : French, English, Vietnamese

Professional working proficiency : Mandarin (HSK4), German

Elementary proficiency : Italian

Intercultural agility. Fragrance, beauty and cosmetics expertise
Born in France with Vietnamese and Chinese origins I have from the youngest age nurtured the taste and ability to bridge between worlds …

During my professional career I have continuously further grown “immersion and restitution” processes, to locate trends and business opportunities.
After working for Edouard Stern and Jimmy Goldsmith in Vietnam to develop joint-ventures and contribute to create Lazard Vietnam, I have chosen to pursue my passion for fragrances and beauty.
15 years of strategy and international marketing experience (L'Oréal, Clarins, Bulgari...) helped me gain in-depth expertise and understanding of the industry key stakes.
I coordinated the launch of Maybelline in China in 1999 and ran my first sniff-test in Shanghai in 2003.

My interest for fragrances has never stopped. Since 2014 I am working extensively on the Chinese fragrance market disruption, with a dedicated panel.


Essence, Senses, Asia… the seeds of Essenzia were there… Towards a cartography of "The taste of China"

Today? Brand potentialization and targeted growth acquisition through anthropologic approach

- Decrypt trends and consumers insights, with special focus on Essence, the underneath dynamics of identity and societal construction

- Optimize engagement leveraging the Senses, or how shapes, colors, smell and taste resonate with collective psyche. Approach by Sensorial Archetype ©

-Bridge Asian and Western civilizations, China being a growth driver but also a creative source of inspiration


I am also a public speaker and teacher at IFM,  author and Jingdaily contributor.

I was made honorific member of SFP (Société Française de Parfumerie) in 2016 and contributed to the Chinese section of Musée de la parfumerie in Grasse.