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For smell & taste lovers, check our blog Sniffkiss (GB), CarnetDeSaveursEtSenteurs (FR)  

for creative and healthy recipes, blending Eastern and Western influences



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Also... for smell & taste lovers...

Carnet de saveurs et senteurs (FR) | Sniffkiss [GB)

Let me embark you in a world of dreams and emotions, made of fragrance and tales of love memories…bridging East and West, healthy and gourmet...

My cooking  is devised like a fragrance combining flowers, spices and herbs. I take inspirations from gardens and markets from all over the world and capture the very essence of each ingredient extracting juices, infusing the freshest herbs…

Recipes merge and renew the traditional blends of French and Asian cuisines (Vietnam, Thailand, China and Japan). They are also sometimes related or derived from fine fragrance. Both worlds are for me indeed intimately connected...