Released:  Available research and workshops 

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1. FRAGRANCE : olfactive trends and new U&A amongst the young Chinese

2. ASPIRATIONS : Bold and beautiful in pop culture. Feminine archetypes and contemporary icons

3. WALK IN A CHINESE GARDEN : Ingredients and beliefs that permeate the Chinese psyche

5. KOREA : An unique model





Sensorial trends and ingredients

Fuel insights and creative inspiration through unique interactive presentations and hands-on workshops.

Discover the ingredients and combinations of ingredients that will resonate with collective identity

Feel, taste, sense!

Expand vision on properties and beliefs

Workshops are all originally conceived modules. They can be led by Dao Nguyen also acting as chef or be led in coordination with world-wide renowned and established starred-chefs.


Dao Nguyen has been exploring and experimenting ingredients properties for more than 20 years
She has been trained in France and Asia with leading chefs and shares her passion of smell and taste in her blog (GB), . 


1. Superfoods

2. Herbs and aroms of Asia

3. Tropical fruits

4. Tomato