1. Chinese opportunities and orientation at a glance
#TheTasteOfChina is a cycle of conferences and research browsing :

- Evolution of the Chinese fragrance market : Focusing on young (00's, 90's, 80's), we monitor new U&A and olfactive trends

- Sensorial perspective : ingredients and combination of ingredients that work

- Aspirations : what makes the young Chinese dream? Archetypes, celebrities, influencers and pop culture

- Roots and influences : Resurgence of Chinese inheritage, cross-regional influences (Korea, Japan, Thailand...) , CNY limited editions 

The cycle is regularly updated and enriched  to help you shift your grid of perspective, and surface key insights

2. Potentialize business with customized research
Through 360° approach we help you acquire targeted growth
Portfolio optimization : Locate growth opportunities 

​Reframe :

  • Who are your consumers? Why do they like you (or not!)?

  • Key benchmarks and competitors

  • Mix optimization, leverages and points of attention

  • Strategic recommandations


Creative inspiration and guidelines


  • Intercultural, sensorial and linguistics decryption

  • Innovation and inspiration workshops 


  • Perception by young Chinese consumers 

  • Optimization and inspiration


  • Pop culture and young Chinese aspirations

  • Attributes and archetypes. Projections and associations