• OPTIMIZE EMOTIONAL ENGAGEMENT : Connect powerfully through the SENSES 


We help beauty and fragrance brands locate growth opportunities, optimize engagement and acquire targeted growth with young Chinese consumers.

What we do and provide : Ethno-cultural, sensorial and linguistics decryption | Consumer insights, creative inspiration, brand strategy guidelines | Syndicated research, ad-hoc research, creative workshops, monthly trends carnets... 

Who we serve: We have been honored to work for L'Oreal, LVMH, Christian Dior Parfums, Givaudan, Firmenich, Pierre Fabre, Bioderma...

Everything starts in the roots... Work on the invisible #Essence

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Understand Essence : market trends and consumers insights, the underneath dynamics

We believe that in fast-moving environments, understanding local trends and consumers insights is necessary, but primarity understanding why these trends emerge will provide competitive edge.
Hence we dive deeper into the roots.
We help you understand the "essence" of identity and societal construction, help you build a lasting vision and making sense of the underneath dynamics at play. 

Connect powerfully and emotionally through the senses. Optimize engagement at 3 levels

Senses are managed by the limbic brain which also deal with emotions and memory.

Hence we leverage the power of senses to help you connect instantly, powerfully, emotionally 
Starting from ingredients and combinations of ingredients, focusing on shapes, forms and colors we help you finetune 3 levels of engagement : appeal, trust and loyalty through  in-house Sensorial Archetype© methodology 

Bridge and expand in China and with China : Surface growth opportunities, fuel creative inspiration

China is not only a major growth driver, it is also a key creative and cultural source of inspiration.

Bridging Western and Chinese civilizations we help your surface growth opportunities, set priorities to acquire targeted additional growth.

We also decrypt Chinese culture : contemporary feminity, new codes of masculinity, dreams and aspirations ... to help you build powerful narratives, using the most relevant wording and aesthetics.

Because Chinese language is driven by the right-brain hemisphere (versus left-one for Western languages) we may underestimate the intercultural gaps at play... We help you build intercultural agility and reframe the conversation

FIRMENICH  Fabien Craignou, Consumer Insights Director
Dao has been instrumental to make sense of our CI data in China. Her expertise and knowledge of the Chinese Fine Fragrance market helped us interpret the data with the right angle, and to uncover opportunities. Her understanding of the Chinese and European culture is a great advantage to make us understand the motivations, expectations and behaviors of the Chinese consumers.
L'OREAL - YSL & VALENTINO BEAUTY  Laure Dudek, Market and Consumer Insight Director
When we think China and cosmetics, it has to be Dao. Pure knowledge, unique expertise.

We don't have any other partner so sharp and visionnary, with very strong knowledge of the Chinese luxury cosmetics. She has a status of reference in the group

AMORE PACIFIC. Steven Xu, R&I center
Dao Nguyen's brilliant speech in China Beauty Expo inspired me when she presented the battle between Asian brands and Western brands. She deeply understands cosmetics culture, consumers attitudes and market trends in both in European and Asian markets. Looking forward to further cooperation with her in the coming future.
GIVAUDAN. Conference "Le goût de la Chine"
"Dao est une conteuse hors pair, qui connait la Chine sur le bout des doigts et sait incontestablement faire passer les émotions"..
LABORATOIRES BIODERMA Christophe Billet, Global Marketing Director
It's the first time I learn something with a research  
GIVAUDAN Shan He, Global Marketing coordinator,
I attended a conference about South Korea presented by Ms Dao Nguyen and found it really insightful. The presentation lasted for about 1.5h and Ms Nguyen made it totally worthwhile with her in-depth understanding of the history, culture, consumer values and even language. All the aspects were taken in conjunction to explain the market evolution and pinpoint opportunity areas. Her presenting style is very natural and infectious. I wish to attend more in future
LABORATOIRES BIODERMA. Emilie Rieffly, Chef de groupe marketing stratégique
L’étude menée en Chine avec Essenzia nous a permis d’appréhender la culture chinoise, de comprendre leur façon de penser, d’évaluer et de choisir. Je n’imaginais pas de telles différences culturelles. Son approche singulière nous a permis de déterminer la cible à privilégier et les moyens pour la toucher. Du contexte et de l’environnement, Dao a su apporter des solutions pragmatiques et concrètes. Ainsi, ont été déterminés tous les insights (produit/communication) et tous les leviers d’actions 

Samantha Jones, Project Manager